Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain - Nan Lan 1/6

Trying to sculpt the half one with Tian Guinong. Who's name Nan Lan.
"She was born in an aristocrat family so she is spoiled and extravagant. After her marriage to Miao Renfeng, she is unable to cope with his frugal lifestyle and decides to leave with Tian Guinong."

But she killed her "lover" Tian Guinong in mentally at the end.
She is the most Super pretty in the story and never get the true answers in her life. She understood Miao Renfeng is loving her so much but unable to standing in the boring life with him.

Tian Guinong knew well and hungry for the "Treasure Map" from Miao Renfeng. Once he knew Maio RenFang given the map to Nan Lan. He decides to get "The love" from Nan Lan all because of the map.

Nan Lan given the map to Tian Guinong before she die because of Cold. (Yes, this is usual in some real history) But she never tell the map have been contained in the hair comb jewelry.....haha. Because she understood Tian Guinong spoting the map in all life but not truely loving her.....

As the Story timeline...Qing Dynasty.

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