Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Ancient Shu Warriors 15-17th century BC (75mm)

A New experience with this scale and having a chance to work with MJ Miniature.
In artisticlly, who's bring me a super holistic landscape for me to understand how professional they are.

Yep, This is it for now, I hope we have a next project to be happen in the 2016.

The Ancient Shu Warriors 15-17th century BC
The kingdoms of Ba 巴 and Shu 蜀 were polities located in the modern province of Sichuan and flourished during the Eastern Zhou period 東周 (770-221 BCE). Ba was located around modern Chongqing 重慶, Shu around modern Chengdu 成都, Sichuan. Both states were separated by mountain ranges from the states of the Central Plain along the Yellow River and were not part of the orbit of the power of the kings of Zhou. Unlike the semi-"barbarian" states of Chu 楚 (modern Hubei), Wu 吳 (modern Jiangsu) and Yue 越 (modern Zhejiang) they did not participate in the political activities of the feudal states of the Zhou empire.

The peoples settling in the regions of Ba and Shu were linguistically and culturally distinct to the Chinese peoples. They were historically referred to as the "hundred Pu" 百濮 and are known by the names of Cong 賨, Ju 苴, Gong 龔, Nu 奴, Rang 獽, Yi 夷, Yan 蜒, Dian 滇, Liao 僚 or Bo 僰, or, more generally, Man 蠻. The cultural diversity can most clearly be seen in the bronze vessels and objects unearthed in Sanxingdui 三星堆. Shapes, patterns and decorations have a clearly visible local character. In the writing system, other characters were used than in the feudal states of central China, as can be seen in a few inscriptions on weapons and seals. Historiographical records were apparently not kept in both Ba and Shu so that the early history of these states is rather obscure and enclouded in mythology and legend.


Artistically adorned with mysterious abstract symbol or monster face. Made by Green Bronze(Bronze is copper ( copper ) was added to an alloy of tin or lead , Green bronze is the modern name given , ancient bronze is reddish yellow). Size: Width 5-7cm, Length 37-60cm

"Ge" (dagger axe) 

Dagger axe that would commonly be called a Ge. It does maintain some characteristics of an earlier type of pole mounted weapon called a k'uei such as the triangular blade with the nei (butt) centered on the yuan (blade). none of my resource materials have an exact match for this piece but very similar pieces may be found in "Ancient Sichuan Treasures From a Lost Civilization" by Robert Baglet p 242, "Ancient Chinese Weapons" by Cheng Dong et al p 108 and "Chinese Bronze Age Weapons" by Max Loehr p 17.


Early independent state of Shu history:
Sichuan (section Ba-Shu Kingdoms) 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Leather stamp holder

I haven't make leather works in long time ago. Anyway this is my new product for my Wife.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Stone Stamp 1.2 x 1.2cm

This is a specially hard.....skill......I will get another try...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yim Kei in 120mm scale, It is a beginning.

He's about 95mm, I designed he is a short guy in such scale.
With a gentle smiling face and you never know the story on him if  you doesn't know his actual name…Yes, he is based on my favourite oriental Kung Fu story by Jin Yong in 1959
Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Other Tales of the Flying Fox.

Here is the story in summary:

His actual name is 'Yim Kei'. As Bad Ass character in story, he put up a lot of super trouble to the other, killed the main character father 'Hu Yai Do' by poison. These why Yim Kei is hiding his actual name by monk costume and called himself as a monk Master 'Bo Shi' - which mean tree of treasure.

Because all his live fell in to treasure hunting. And he stolen a part of KungFu from 'Hu Fei' father.

Concept art attached.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1/16 Crow in WIP

No one can stop me, even I tired to answer any questions by myself.
Question and answer,  Question and answer, Question and answer........ is normal in any progress on my table.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lion in 1/10 resin is ready.

The Lion is ready for order. Please contact me if you want a copy to knocking your door.

Yes, looking for more orders for cheaper casting cost.

Size is 21.5w x 6.5d x 13h @cm

Again, it should be casting to resin
And email your order by:
williamtsang4466 (@)gmail(.)com
(please copy and paste before take the "()" away.)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/10 Lion done~!

It should be very limited production. Because the order just for covering the cost in the next step: molding and casting.

I hope it will be helping my future projects and i believe i shall be make an other but not only an animal if this time is successful.

Size is 21.5w x 6.5d x 13h @cm

Again, it should be casting to resin on the next process.
And email your order by:
williamtsang4466 (@)gmail(.)com
(please copy and paste before take the "()" away.)

 photo lioncolour2.jpg
 photo lioncolour1.jpg
 photo lion8.jpg
 photo lion5.jpg
 photo lion7.jpg
 photo lion6.jpg
 photo lion9.jpg
 photo lioncolour3.jpg

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pre order for the 1/10 Lion(male)

Anyone wanna have a copy for my 1/10 resin lion?
Would be great if I'm able to cover the molding and casting cost of preorder.

I haven't mention the size of such piece before.
here you go:

21.5W x 6.5D x 13H(cm)

Should be casting to resin on the next process.
And email your order by:
williamtsang4466 (@)gmail(.)com
(please copy and paste before take the "()" away.)

Best Wishes,

William Tsang