Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yim Kei in 120mm scale, It is a beginning.

He's about 95mm, I designed he is a short guy in such scale.
With a gentle smiling face and you never know the story on him if  you doesn't know his actual name…Yes, he is based on my favourite oriental Kung Fu story by Jin Yong in 1959
Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Other Tales of the Flying Fox.

Here is the story in summary:

His actual name is 'Yim Kei'. As Bad Ass character in story, he put up a lot of super trouble to the other, killed the main character father 'Hu Yai Do' by poison. These why Yim Kei is hiding his actual name by monk costume and called himself as a monk Master 'Bo Shi' - which mean tree of treasure.

Because all his live fell in to treasure hunting. And he stolen a part of KungFu from 'Hu Fei' father.

Concept art attached.

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