Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/10 Lion done~!

It should be very limited production. Because the order just for covering the cost in the next step: molding and casting.

I hope it will be helping my future projects and i believe i shall be make an other but not only an animal if this time is successful.

Size is 21.5w x 6.5d x 13h @cm

Again, it should be casting to resin on the next process.
And email your order by:
williamtsang4466 (@)gmail(.)com
(please copy and paste before take the "()" away.)

 photo lioncolour2.jpg
 photo lioncolour1.jpg
 photo lion8.jpg
 photo lion5.jpg
 photo lion7.jpg
 photo lion6.jpg
 photo lion9.jpg
 photo lioncolour3.jpg

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