Monday, September 9, 2013

Tian Guinong Bust in Qing dynasty 1/6

After two months work. This large piece with realistic detail model sculpture done. It is base on the faction by Jin Yong in 1959 - Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Other Tales of the Flying Fox. The one of my favorite story style in martial arts. Romantic and life like story timeline in Qing dynasty.

Yes, it have be sculpted with mid Qing business man fashion style for the main character - Tian Guinong. Who's a descendant of one of the four bodyguards of Li Zicheng. An immoral, unscrupulous and flirtatious villain, he seduces Nan Lan and causes her to abandon her husband and marry him instead. Seeking wealth and fame, he pledges allegiance to Fuk'anggan, who promises to help him become chief of the wulin in return for his loyalty and service. His dream is shattered when Hu Fei and his friends show up to disrupt the "Meeting of the Leaders" and cause a twist of events.(*copys from wikipedia).

I'm going to cast it with fine resin. And start molding after 10 orders received till October2013. The well scheduled for your Chistmas present. :)

Scale 1/6, Resin 4 parts
US$65 + shipping*

*worldwide shipping cost will be confirm by email after. (Post service Registered mail with tracking)

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