Friday, February 7, 2014

The old stuff under bed.

Classic board game. Published in 1992 by TSR. Dragon Quest.
It might be toooo borning for the kids now a day. And no one will interest to play with me in the holiday. Poor....
Actually, I want to share it to someone, such a diehard game even you are good in any TV-game and even you are handy with The Warhammer. Fast rush in 60mins per game. Well I think this is not too borned if you like to playing roll of Fighter, dwarf and two sword Fighter.

I don't want to left it under my bed. Anyone want it? It is a fully contents and easy to learn.
Please Email by "williamtsang4466 AT gmail DOT com" me for trade.



Rule book (cover acts as a Dungeon Master screen).
Adventure book (containing three simple adventures).
The Adventure Continues (4 page manual for continuing on to D&D).
6 plastic hero figures (wizard, thief, cleric, dwarf, fighter in plate armour with axe, fighter with two swords).
6 metal Ral Partha figures of the same six heroes (special edition).
7 dice (D4, D6,D8, D10 x 2, D12, D20).
8-fold game board.
4 sheets of 24 stand-up cardboard counters for 15 doors, 72 monsters, and 9 heroes (96 total).
9 hero cards.
50 monster cards.
16 wizard/elf spells.
16 cleric spells.
10 trap cards.
10 special item cards.
30 equipment cards.
31 treasure cards.
8 blank cards.
1992 TSR Fall/Winter Catalog
Ral Partha Miniatures Flyer

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