Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Possibility on the creations.

I think this lion have alot of possibility for conversion or edition on many title...and subject. Sample with a King call Lion heart. whos sitting aside. Or convert it to the warrior in the forest..etc...
Actually, this is not only a step for my next project.

What I need to control my wheel and drive ahead to the intention of my begining mind set.
Not because this is just a Lion. And it JUST can be seating in front of the CEO office table. haha
CEO desk can only put a real sexy girls. lol :D

Mythical creature? Moster? Sorry, Because I don't ready enjoy to sculpting something like that.
Even, I love to collect and paint some greatest Artist works with Fantasy topic.

BUT~! I like it: ... AAqPzG.jpg ... 594817200/

It's all about the personal taste in the age and experience in the art level?
Who know? :lol: :D

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