Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Fallschirmjager 200mm Ardiennes c FG42

The sculpture are fine in such scale but need to be setup and clean a lot because of those poor casting. Head and the low parts of body are the poorest parts specially need first aids. Moreover, Left hand is missing (T.T)~!
Wittmann my friend, who confirmed "Caster make this mistake and wasted this legend model".

I'm 200% believed and agreed. As a collector, he knew well the production from the old day by WARRIORS and S&T model. "And the caster brought those mother molds without fixing, because he never meet a piece like it." Wittmann said.

Anyway, I may fix it out and resculpt some parts and the left hand included.....Nice birthday gift even Wittmann doesn't know that day is my birthday....lol

 Thank You, my friend.

It would be stay in the box for longest time.... I'm running away...

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