Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Native american Crow tribes family - scale 120mm

Yes this is my latest work bench on my WonderCorner. I don't realize the full history with Native American Crow tribes yet. Becasue the confusing mind by the Name with diffrence place and their living style. As same as some of tribes they are: hunting buffalo, defence their Enemies to stole horses and over fur trade(They have too much strong enemies at once. Actually, they are small tribe), Nation beadwork on clothing, matrilineal marriag system(Women role). And I only indenitify their diffrence by The Crow Fair Parade at the latest period. But I designed a diorama as early period and deliver a family living style while their are traveling in the Yellowstone River.

What's 120mm resin first draft. And I designed to make a lot of change and sketch build after. This is a huge challenge for myself. Because I have never make horse sculpture......haha....rearch and study are never stop.

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