Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Putty, Putty, Putty...

A lot of putties in the market. Well knew with such medium for repairing in the multi-purpose…like: fixing the water-tank in case it has been broken, paste the caps for furniture…etc.

On the Modeling or sculpture field, it have been use for filling the cap, converting or even Sketch build. Sketch build modeling in scale of 28mm to 200mm or bigger. Sticky on the fingers are their remarkably signature. Which is blocking the way for newbies to open view of them. I would like to solve this problem with Vaseline or water.

Link: the detail review on Putties.

But the Japanese Gunze and Tamyia putties are not included…hmm…Those are my 1000x like putties. Smooth and flexible without eating after dry with-in 4hours.

But their price tooo high.....oops.

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